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There are many tutorials on this website shown in text, picture, and video format. You agree and understand these tutorials are provided to you without warranty and you agree Business Designers is not responsible or liable for any loss of data or damage as a result to following these tutorials.

Free templates

The templates are provided with no warranty and for your personal entertainment use. You have no right to redistribute or sell them to anyone.


The imitated custom studios intros are copyrighted by their creaters and respective owners. Reproduction of these, following my tutorials and using the template files is for the purpose of fun and entertainment only and is for personal, fair use only. At no time is the copyright transferred to any other person, than the respective owner of the original copyright.


Actual intros might slightly differ from given Business Designers samples, due to individual character properties. As these intros, sound and picture, are copyrighted by their original creators, the rendered intros should be restricted to personal use. In no event shall Business Designers be liable for the use or misuse of the rendered intros by the receiver. Please realise, that you do not receive full rights to any intro, you are merely paying for my effort in rendering them for you. The copyright remains with the original owner.