Eric Wilmot: “The Shift from Human-Centered to Resource-Centered Design”


The question how to design for the next age is becoming more and more important. As a lot of indicators show that we need to become more sustainable in business – the age of human centered design is gonna end soon. A very specific article with great topics around this by By Eric Wilmot, published September 30 at the greenerdesign blog is one of my favorites.

“To understand where we need to go, it’s important to understand how we got here. Contemporary design and marketing practices have emphasized “human-centeredness.” Human-centered has become synonymous with “user-centered,” which historically relates to the designed interactions between technology and humans. Microsoft Windows was a user-centered solution to the then-classic DOS operating systems.”

“In reality, our human-centeredness has driven us to the brink of unsustainable lifestyle through the strain our over-consumption is putting on our natural resources, and may represent the largest self-inflicted problem a species has ever created for itself short of Easter Island.”

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