Rob Fahey: “The crisis as a chance for the creative game industry”


Rob Fahey from wrote a great article about how the creative game industry will turn back on track out of the crisis. Stepping deeper in the mass market business and customers who create their own products will help the industry and build up a new world that has never been seen before. Change will happen!

On the face of it, you wouldn’t expect the next couple of years to be very good for innovation and creativity in videogames. Admittedly, widespread fears over the effects of recession are somewhat overblown – right now, there’s simply no evidence that economic woes are impacting on videogame sales and 2009 still looks set to be a growth year for the market.

[...] Both from a creative perspective and from a more long-term business perspective, this is bad news. Creativity has always demanded some risk taking behaviour from publishers – more specifically, a willingness to balance out the risk of some original projects against the guaranteed returns of some blockbuster franchises. The industry’s business model, meanwhile, demands that creativity to survive. Without the risk-taking that allows original IP to emerge, the games industry would soon find itself feeding off scraps from the table of the movie, TV and sports licensing industries.

[...] This is changing. It is changing because millions of new consumers who have never played games before are now active in the market, and looking for new experiences which traditional firms simply don’t know how to provide. It is changing because the tools which allow the creation of superb games are no longer out of the reach of small teams and even individuals. It is changing because word of mouth has become more powerful than any marketing campaign could ever be. More than anything, it is changing because every major console on the planet now has a digital distribution system allowing consumers to download games at a wide range of price points.

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