HDK: Business Design Master in Sweden

There are already a few Master programs for Business Design in Europe. One is currently offerd by the Domus Academy . And another you can find at the Aalto University in Finnland.

Here is a new one at the HDK in Göteborg.

For the first time in Sweden, HDK will in association with the School of Business, Economics and Law at University of Gothenburg present a closely connected 2-year Masters programme. The programme is designed for students and professionals who have different educational backgrounds but a common interest in working strategically with design.The programme focuses on a process in which people can contribute their different roles and experiences and will exercise the ability to understand what the others are saying and utilise one another’sknowledge.

The first year you will study the theory of design and marketing, design and society, design and strategy as well as the legal and financial conditions linked to design.

The second year will start your second year with what we call the workshop term. You will experiment and investigate real projects together with companies, organisations and public bodies. You will get the opportunity to test your newly acquired knowledge and previous experience and training.

The course is run in close collaboration with Department of Business Administration at School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg and the education and research centre Business & Design Lab. Teaching is conducted in various ways: lectures, literary studies, seminars, study visits, observations and practical work. The first year the courses are planned according to a half-pace schedule and structured to enable full-time studies or part-time studies combined with a job.

HDK Sweden: Business Design Master

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