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Introducing FAM99 – the best free way
to download professional frameworks and models.

Your presentation is only as good as your content – but it will only impress your audience if it is easy to understand and looks good as well. We offer a wide range of visualizations, that are used by professionals around the world, to make complex stuff sound very simple, clear and understandable. Download all our frameworks in Powerpoint, Keynote or PDF format and make your next presentation look like a pro.

With FAM99 you will:

Improve your presentation skills

  • make your content look fresh and intelligent
  • impress with high quality graphics
  • say more with less slides

Find agreement faster

  • communicate complex stuff more easily
  • make your idea imaginable to all audiences
  • streamline and lead the discussion

Gain comprehensive knowledge

  • use professional knowledge in a viable format
  • better understand the entire picture
  • learn faster from other professions


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