Ryan Jacoby: “Business Design – The curriculum of 2012.”

Advanced Degree in Business Design

This article is about the idea of an advanced degree in Business Design. The article has been written by Ryan Jacoby a Business Designer at IDEO.

He mentions that some programs like the d.school and Rotman are playing with this idea, but believes that these programs don´t really nail it yet.
Some courses he would like to see to be teached are (selection):

BDES 121 | Experiencing Business Models (Spend & Learn)
3 credits
In this experiential survey class, we’ll experience firsthand a range of products and services delivered via a variety of business models. You’ll sign up for, use, subscribe to and buy a variety of offerings. In each class, we’ll experiment with deconstructing and reconfiguring a particular model.
Practicum: Apply a new model to an existing service or offering of your choosing.

BDES 128 | Designing the Choice Experience (Choice Cuts)
3 credits
People make innumerable choices every day. These choices have a profound impact not only on their own experience, but also the success of a business system. We’ll explore the role and importance of competition, comparison, differentiation, merchandising, placement, f positioning, pricing, discovery, fitting and recommendations. We’ll design pricing models, recommendation systems and curated experiences for users.
Practicum: Reinvent a choice model for a particular category.

BDES 201 | Discovery Driven Learning (Break Things)
3 credits
Taught by world-renowned business design and prototyping expert Colin Raney and based upon the theory of Rita McGrath and Ian McMillian, this knee-knocking case-based course will help you master the art and science of designing growth businesses. In each class, students will be designing and preparing a discovery driven learning plan.
Practicum: Design a discovery driven learning plan in partnership with a growth business or emerging organization.

BDES 272 | Designing for Sustainability (More with Less)
3 credits
We’ll explore how to serve the needs of people and organizations better while simultaneously using less stuff and energy. We’ll explore the behaviors and mindset shifts needed to reduce impact. We’ll learn how to conduct a lifecycle and impact analysis, make materials choices and design for things to last a long, long time. The course will have a particular emphasis on how existing business systems can or will be disrupted by new offerings that have less impact.
Practicum: Attempt to re-design an experience, business or organization for zero impact.

BDES 301S | Leading Innovation (Pipe Dream)
2 credits
This evening discussion and lecture series will explore how to encourage, motivate, reward and build a culture of innovation. We’ll hear firsthand accounts from leaders who have tackled innovation in their organizations.
Practicum: Declare your personal point of view on leading innovation.

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